EDC welcomes back Delane Traber

This week EDC is excited to welcome Delane Traber back to the team!

Delane now joins EDC as the Bay of Plenty Geotechnical Team Leader.

Delane originally joined EDC in early 2012, and played a key role in the Christchurch office as a Geotechnical/Geoenvironmental Engineer over the course of nearly 8 years. He his advanced his geotechnical assessment knowledge and is skilled in cost identifying effective foundation and ground treatment options for a range of development scenarios. He has experience with geotechnical issues across the country, having worked on a number of Importance Level 4 structures in remote areas of New Zealand. He is also well versed in the preparation of Preliminary Site Investigation Reports (PSI’s) and Detailed Site Investigation Reports (SIR’s), in accordance with the NES requirements, for potentially contaminated sites, and validation of remedial works.

At the end of 2019 he decided to go on an OE with his partner, however plans changed due the Covid19 pandemic and they decided to head back to New Zealand earlier this year.
They have now settled in Whakatane and will no doubt be enjoying the sunny, summer beaches!

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