The Benefits of Early Involvement

At Engineering Design Consultants Ltd, (EDC), we strive to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. Sometimes, simple changes result in greater efficiencies – adjusting the layout, shifting the position of a building on the site, or utilising a different system of supports.

Implementing these adjustments is smoother for all parties involved when undertaken in the early stages of design.

If resource consent has already been granted, any changes to the external appearance of a building will require variation approval by council, as well as associated expenses and delays.

The smart solution is to involve EDC as early as possible on a project, so they can provide valuable feedback and advice on the concept design, ensuring the best solutions are implemented from the start.

This approach was recently adopted by a large construction company working on a new repeatable residential complex to be built across a number of subdivision development sites. After working with the client across other successful projects, representatives from EDC’s Structural and Fire Design teams were invited to several concept development meetings for the new project, alongside architects, builders, and management personnel.

These discussions allowed all parties to provide valuable input on optimising design, and allowed win-win solutions to be developed for issues that would otherwise crop up late in the design stage or during construction, thuseliminating costly and laborious resoutions.

This approach is particularly effective for complex projects or when multiple buildings are being constructed using similar designs, resulting in greater efficiencies across the site.

Involving EDC in early planning stages means tapping into a complex multi-disciplinary knowledge base, creative thinking with a solutions focus and more than 30 years of proven history in the industry.

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