A paving plan which allowed for large trucks to traverse between upper and lower levels of the winery, and all associated drainage

• Sloping section adjacent to a large storm water channel, and final design needed to incorporate several flat areas and vehicle manoeuvring paths
• Short timeframe

Challenges met:
• Worked collaboratively and effectively with the structural engineers and council

A cost effective, smart design solution provided for both pavement and private drainage

51 lot intensive residential development


  • Fast turnaround Special Housing Area
  • Partial flood plain due to flat site
  • Drainage and road design
  • Road run-off water treatment

Challenges met:

  • Worked closely with council to fast-track development
  • Large open channels, hydraulic analysis & stormwater mitigation design
  • Rain gardens provided a “green” solution for water quality

The experience EDC has working with council allowed us to effectively fast-track this project. Completion was on time and on budget.

Stormwater mitigation to protect downstream environment

Large rural development with significant storm water management
• Affected parties
• Council volume and flow rate requirements
• Add value without taking up unnecessary land area

Challenges met:
Developed functional, attractive and easily constructed ponds
• Consent essentials and client goals met
• Appeased all concerned parties

EDC’s respected and thorough relationship with council provided a smooth pathway to achieving and managing client goals


This multi-unit residential development consists of 8 two bedroom social housing units. With difficult ground conditions and a tight site, a collaborative approach from the Geotechnical, Structural and Civil teams enabled us to be proactive in addressing a variety of construction issues.

These issues were often identified during inspections and working collaboratively enabled us to discuss the issues in-house and provide immediate feedback and design changes to implement onsite.

Old stormwater reticulation re-established as a natural stream

• Constrained and large scale earthworks
• Environmental controls to prevent pollution during construction
• Complex stream with steep terrain

Challenges met:
• Collaborative project involving: client, community and landscape architect
• Established new streams in a natural and stable manner
• Design and build approach utilised

This project required civil, geotech and structural engineering. As a multi-discipline engineering firm, EDC were able to manage the entire project with ease and confidence

High density multi-story townhouse development

• Steep terrain on a narrow strip of land
• Sensitive marine environment
• Temporary stability during construction
• Significant structural design

Challenges met:
• Terraced site with large retaining wall
• Reinforced concrete slope
• Tilt slab construction

EDC’s multi-discipline engineering services collaborated well, a proactive approach eliminating any possible issues.

  • Civil: Babich Winery, Marlborough


  • Civil: Bawden Road, Diary Flat

  • Civil: Armagh Street, Christchurch

  • Civil: La Rosa

  • Civil: 7 The Avenue