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Environmental Engineering

Our extensive understanding and knowledge of environmental standards and the requirements set by regional and local authorities, form the basis of our cost-effective, innovative design service and our sound advice; all aimed at reducing the impact of your development on the environment.

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Infrastructure Design and Upgrading

With high density development placing increased pressure on existing public infrastructure, we have acquired extensive experience in the design and upgrade of existing drainage, water supply, sewerage, stormwater and road systems. We can also design low impact solutions for new intensive developments with consideration given to downstream capacity and environmental features.

Resource and Land Use Consent Applications

EDC carry out assessments into the environmental effects associated with land development projects as outlined below. We also identify the most appropriate form of mitigation measures to reduce adverse effects and provide comprehensive design drawings and reports to assist with resource and land consent

Land Use Consent Applications.

Stream and coastal protection works and land development, can result in an increased pressure on our streams and coastline due to the expanding impervious areas and related stormwater discharges. We have specialist skills in the design of low impact solutions, to reduce the adverse effects from development and to remediate streams and coastal areas that have suffered from previous land-use intensification and natural erosion processes.

Contaminated Land Studies

Using desk study of available historical records and aerial photos, EDC provide an investigative service to determine possible past contamination land use. From soil and groundwater sampling we can determine contamination levels, sources and potential effects. We also design and provide reports for the remedial work on site, to protect public safety and the natural ecology.

Trade Waste Investigations

To ensure regulation compliance, our highly-regarded environmental team carries out investigations and assessments of how waste is discharged from commercial developments, and prepares reports on future provisions needed to address any serious concerns.

Overland Flow Paths and Flooding Reviews

Using sophisticated stormwater modelling software, we can estimate the extent of existing overland flow paths and flood plains that threaten land and dwellings. We then review and design the necessary diversions, erosion protection measures and property protection works.

Energy Efficiency (H1) Design

Following recent changes to the Building Code, we now also provide design services in respect to H1 “Energy Efficiency”. “In October 2007, clause H1 of the New Zealand Building Code was changed to require improved thermal performance (insulation) in all new houses, non-residential buildings smaller than 300m2, and in alterations to both. New houses and major extensions to existing houses need to use 30% less heating energy to achieve healthy indoor temperatures than previously” – Dept of Building & Housing.

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